We strongly recommend using paralegals or legal document assistants to help if you get stuck.  They only charge $95/hour and can meet with you if you’re local to their area.  Although they don’t provide “legal advice,” they know how to help you find the answers to your questions.  The people we recommend on this website have been specifically trained on these documents to work with you competently and efficiently.  Most importantly, Attorney Heather Reynolds hand picked them because they care about people and genuinely want to help

Bay Area: Jane Griswold, LDA
Jayne Griswold
My name is Jane Griswold and I am a registered and bonded Legal Document Assistant who offers support for California residents working toward completing their estate plans. For some clients, I collect the information needed in order for me to draft most documents, ready for client review and revision. For others, who prefer to do most of their own drafting, it can mean I simply review the completed documents for clarity and thoroughness, answering questions, and/or assisting in the process of signing and notarizing documents and/or recording deeds. If I discern you may need legal advice, I will suggest that, since as a Legal Document Assistant I cannot give legal advice. I am also a Public Notary, charging the standard $10.00 per signature for my services.

My hourly rate is $85 per hour for Your Legacy Lives clients. For those who want me to do the majority of the drafting, my flat fees are as follows:

           Single Person Will Package………$700 (+ $397 for YLL documents)

           Married Couple Will Package…… $800 (+ $497 for YLL documents)

           Single Person Trust Package*……$1,200 (+ $697 for YLL documents)

           Married Person Trust Package*….$1,400 (+ $997 for YLL documents)

* If needed, a county recorder’s fee (approximately $25) for recording deeds will be an additional charge.

I have helped develop hundreds of estate plans and welcome the opportunity to support anyone who wants to put these important documents in place. Feel free to call me (510-227-5877) to talk about how you might use my help.


Jane Griswold