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Marketing Materials

Event Flyer: Live Q&A Webinar

Tuesday October 27

7:00 PM

Download Oct 27 Webinar Flyer

Your Legacy Lives Brochure

Download, print out and share the Your Legacy Lives brochure. This document gives a great overview of the company and the need for estate planning.

Download Brochure

Estate Plan Map

Find out which estate plan is right for you by following this simple guide.

Download Estate Plan Map

Compare Plans

Compare pricing, plans and see what sets us apart from other estate planning options.

Download Compare Plans

30 Second Pitch 

Quickly and efficiently describe Your Legacy Lives to anyone with this 30 second pitch. Download, print and memorize it so you are never at a loss of words!

Download 30 Second Pitch

Business Card Template

Use this template or create your own, we love using vistaprint.

Download Business Card Template JPG

Fundraising Sample Letter

Use this template or create your own.

Download Sample Fundraising Letter

YLL Logo 

Use this logo for marketing materials.

Download YLL Logo

Affiliate Information

Program Overview

 Introduction to the Affiliate Program

Download Affiliate Overview

Affiliate Tips 

Tips and tricks for a successful affiliate experience,

Download Affiliate Tips